Gratitude extended to SEASHORE for the generous contribution to ITTF Foundation

The ITTF Foundation is pleased to express its heartfelt gratitude to SEASHORE for the generous donation of USD20,000. Through SEASHORE and its CEO Mr. Salem Saeed Al-Mohannadi’s unwavering support and dedication, we continue to advance our mission of utilizing table tennis as a catalyst for positive change and inclusivity worldwide. Our special thanks extend to Mr. Khalil Al-Mohannadi for facilitating this partnership that contributes to our ongoing efforts in using table tennis as an effective tool towards achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals globally.

We are particularly looking forward to the allocation of this donation to celebrate World Table Tennis Day 2024, of which the theme is diversity and inclusion. It highlights the unifying essence of the sport, where individuals of various backgrounds, cultures, and abilities come together to share their passion for table tennis.

We deeply appreciate SEASHORE’s recognition of the ITTF Foundation's work and its support for our commitment to bettering lives through table tennis.

Thank you!

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