Global Covid-19 fundraising campaign #TTU grows

We have already supported more than 50 individuals and initiatives worldwide through the generous donors and more will follow. Join the campaign! Join the cause!

In June 2020, we started our fundraising campaign #TableTennisUnited (TTU) in order to spread solidarity through table tennis on site.

Even though progress in science has been made, the fight against Covid-19 is not yet won and we ask everybody: Please follow your governmental and regional recommendations because pandemic-related struggles are on the rise again and people worldwide are facing or will face major challenges.

Through TTU, we were already able to aid 54 individuals and initiative from our global table tennis family. Your financial support helps directly on the ground – our support goes to people of our community who are in dire need of help through Covid-19.

In the video below we collected feedback and impressions from the supported individuals and initiatives worldwide – where our help is urgently needed and more than appreciated during these difficult times.

The donation campaign is still open. To everyone out there, who is able and wishes to help: Please support our cause so we can help people from our table tennis community who are in need due to Covid-19.

Together we stand. Together we will overcome!

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