Fundraising and Marketing Workshop for the DBF community

The ITTF Foundation is dedicated to leveraging the potential of table tennis for social development, and we recently organised a discussion on Fundraising and Marketing for our Dream Building Fund (DBF) implementation partners.

The DBF community comprises of devoted individuals and organisations who share a collective vision of harnessing table tennis for social development. The workshop encouraged collaboration, emphasising that the true value of the DBF would be unlocked when different stakeholders learned from each other and worked together.

The workshop focused on building participants' capacity and confidence in fundraising and marketing. It covered topics such as crafting compelling pitches, understanding value creation, essential digital marketing strategies, and the power of storytelling. Finally, we also used some do’s and don’ts from our own marketing experiences as valuable examples.

The workshop emphasised that DBF is not just a grant but involves capacity building avenues and opportunities to work with like-minded organisations that are pushing for societal change through the medium of table tennis. The DBF's mission became a shared vision, and the potential for cross-organisational projects and amplified impact became more tangible.

The discussion involved questions but also some valuable comments / thoughts expressed by the participants as well; Renato who is a changemaker from the first batch of DBF community stated "Practise your pitch with friends and family; doing so will help you identify potential obstacles, enhance your communication skills, and boost your confidence for future presentations to stakeholders and donors."

Another changemaker, Helia, hailing from Iran and representing Spin Club steered the discussion on how not-for-profit organisations can find alignment of objectives with possible brands / sponsors. Anesh from Nepal representing Naulo Ghumti Nepal, raised an important point on pitching about initiatives that is addressing a social stigma and how to get past that.

We hope this workshop heightens the collaboration spirit within the DBF community, inspiring the changemakers to come together, learn, share, and work together. The power of shared knowledge and collaboration promises to extend the reach and impact of the work done by the DBF partners.

As the community continues to grow (stay tuned for some exciting updates on that coming your way), we want to make this a movement — a movement that's inspiring dreams, empowering change, and shaping a better world through the power of table tennis.

Click here to know more about our sponsor of the Dream Building Fund, The Foundation for Global Sport for Development.

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