Flashback to 2022 World Table Tennis Day

Seems like yesterday that we celebrated the 8th World Table Tennis Day. With 321 physical events across five continents and a 24-hour live stream, April 6 was surely a day to remember on which the worldwide table tennis community has used our favourite sport to bring #PeaceOnTheTable.
On the 50th year of Ping Pong Diplomacy, the 2022 World Table Tennis Day was one of the key events for the ITTF Group in the biennial celebration of the table tennis exchange between the USA and China back in 1971 and 1972. Thanks to our dedicated Promoters and event organisers, the table tennis community has created a new momentum in resolving conflicts, building friendships, and making peace through table tennis on the grassroots level.
We have received a huge amount of valuable footage, all exhibiting the power of table tennis in tearing down barriers and fostering peaceful (and fun) interaction between opposing groups and individuals. While the road to peace is long, we appreciated the effort of those that seized the opportunity this April 6 and helped us raise awareness of the positive contribution of sport in conflict resolution on both the states and grassroots levels.
Because towards peace, every little step counts.



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