Embracing Unity and Reflection: ITTF Foundation's Team Focus Week

At the ITTF Foundation, the recent 'Team Focus Week' marked a pivotal chapter in its journey, emphasising reflection on the past year, collaborative planning, and celebrating collective achievements. This unique initiative not only strengthened the team bond but also showcased the dedication of each staff member. The core ITTF Foundation staff was also joined by Charlotte Lourdes, ITTF Group HR Head.

The week commenced with a reflective look at the past year, celebrating accomplishments and learning from challenges. This retrospective exercise fostered a culture of openness and continuous improvement.

Team members shared insights on what worked well and areas where we met with challenges; generating innovative solutions and strengthening communication within the team.

The 'Team Focus Week' emphasized refining internal communications, ensuring messaging clarity, and exploring new tools. This laid the foundation for improved collaboration and understanding among team members.

In addition to professional aspects, team-building activities took center stage. The team was divided into groups, with each group cooking a meal for the larger team, fostering camaraderie and appreciation. Team lunches, dinners and even a visit to the Christmas markets fostered this spirit further!

Looking ahead:

Strategic planning for the future involved setting goals, identifying key initiatives, and devising action plans. Milestones and timelines were established for efficient progress tracking, positioning ITTF Foundation for a year of growth and innovation.

The week extended beyond the professional realm, incorporating sessions on employee wellbeing, a code of ethics, and sustainability in the group overall. These initiatives showcased a holistic approach to team development and organizational values.

Bidding adieu to one of the pillars of the team

The ‘Team Focus Week’ also marked the end of Wiebke Scheffler’s journey with the ITTF Foundation.

Wiebke's strategic vision and hard work were crucial in laying the groundwork for the foundation's initiatives. From shaping impactful projects to forging essential partnerships, Wiebke's efforts have left an unforgettable mark on the successes of the foundation.

Her positive and approachable attitude made her not just a respected leader but also a cherished colleague. Always ready to lend a helping hand, she tirelessly answered questions and provided guidance. Her willingness to help and share her knowledge created a supportive and collaborative atmosphere within the foundation. As Wiebke moves on to new adventures, we express our gratitude for her unwavering dedication. Her legacy will endure in the projects she championed and the positive impact she made on the foundation and its initiatives.

In bidding farewell to Wiebke Scheffler, we celebrate the chapter she contributed to the ITTF Foundation. Her legacy is woven into the foundation's history, and her spirit will be remembered within the team. We wish her success in her future endeavours and express our heartfelt gratitude for the mark she leaves behind.

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