Dream Building Fund: A Story of Change at Asociación Mónica Liyau

Changing lives is more than a slogan for project leader Mónica Liyau. Her project “Impactando Vidas” (Impacting Lives) is supported by our Dream Building Fund powered by the Foundation for Global Sports Development (GSD). It works with over 3,000 Peruvian children between the ages 7-14. It is determined to promote Olympic values such as friendship, excellence, and respect among those in the country's most vulnerable and impoverished areas.


According to Humanium, an NGO dedicated to stopping violations of children’s rights, children in Peru face multiple problems such as poverty, child labour, and abuse that make childhood far from enjoyable. With Covid-19 sweeping the country off its feet, feeling lonely and detached adds to the long list of things to worry about as a child in Peru.

Through the recreational practice of table tennis, Impactando Vidas aims to flip the reality of those children and empower public school students with table-building projects. To establish a supporting system through the sport, the project also offers a table tennis training programme for teachers, roots young talents for future tournaments and grants international table tennis scholarships.

Those are the young lives that the project has a positive impact on.


From top left: Bertin, Bornaquez, Cahuana, and Gonzales.


Table tennis over video games for Quiroz Palomino Bertin

The 12-years-old was a self-proclaimed video game addict. Since his participation in Impactando Vidas, Bertin is happy with his new and healthy lifestyle.

I am not addicted to video games anymore. Instead of spending hours sitting in front of a screen, I play table tennis now and am improving my racket skills. This is a wonderful sport, it makes me healthy and keeps me motivated.


Kendra Artiaga Bornaquez is happy again

Shy and timid, the pandemic has affected Bornaquez severely.

I did not practice any sport for more than a year due to the quarantine, and was suffering mentally, emotionally and physically.

Impactando Vidas introduced Bornaquez to table tennis, and now, after so long, she feels happy again and has created a stronger bond with her classmates.


Jeremy Carapo Gonzales concentrates better

Table tennis improves my concentration and helps with my studies. I have become one of the best students in school, and I am now determined to achieve my goals. I want to practice every day and be a better player. I also want better relationship with my friends.

The 10-year-old proudly declared table tennis the sport of his life. It might be too soon to tell, but we feel you. You know when you know!


Dana Condori Cahuana finds confidence in herself

Cahuana is tiny for her age and has always struggled to find a sport that suits her physique. She has discovered table tennis through Impactando Vidas and is now passionate about her latest discovery.

I feel empowered every time I stand in front of a table holding a table tennis racket. I realised that to become a table tennis champion, I did not need to be tall, and my weight also does not matter.




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