DHS Supports #TableTennisUnited Fund

With the #TableTennisUnited Fund, donors worldwide and the ITTF Group are sending help where it is needed the most. Thanks to the generosity of Shanghai Double Happiness (DHS), 12 initiatives around the world have received the emergency support they need to get through the Covid-19 hardship.


Like Batman and Robin, even the helpers sometimes need a helping hand. Every #TableTennisUnited application reminds us of how small we are as mankind in the face of a pandemic, and how powerful we can be when standing united. In Uganda, the Fund has helped Mimi’s Tables, a local NGO to support underprivileged children in Kampala. In Argentina, the future para players have finally resumed training after the long financial draughts. In Slovakia, the #TableTennisUnited Fund has ensured the training opportunity for over 50 children in local club MSK STO Krompachy.

The hero behind all three initiatives is DHS, the reassuring hand that helps us provide support to the worldwide table tennis community during this period of uncertainty.

And its support continues.


Senegal Table Tennis Federation

Like many, the Senegal Table Tennis Federation found itself on the edge of the cliff with the wave of Covid-19 pulling its leg. Training centres were forced to shut down to prevent clusters and the players struggled to stay positive and has become demotivated. With the #TableTennisUnited Fund, outdoor table tennis tables were purchased to allow the training again, as well as the hygienic supplies to ensure a safe training environment.

Those tables have also been distributed to different schools to restart table tennis for local students. – Papa Anthioumane DIAGNE, President of the Senegal Table Tennis Federation


Fundación de las Americas (FUDELA), Ecuador

The not-for-profit organisation uses table tennis as a tool to prompt integral human development. It works with disadvantaged children and youth, as well as displaced populations and refugees.

Due to the pandemic, one of its projects aims to promote the integration of refugees through table tennis saw a lack of financial resources and was on the verge of shutting down. Afraid to lose momentums with the refugees, FUDELA applied for the #TableTennisUnited Fund and is now able to continue with the project and keep the spirit high during and post-lockdown.

The support enabled us to organise a table tennis festival in Chical, including a social tournament. Through which we were able to empower young leaders who were trained to work with table tennis. The Fund allowed us to reach the most vulnerable areas in Ecuador, and the direct impact was obvious through the construction of communities of respect and values. – Wendy Gómez Monroy, Project Management Assistant


Equipment donations to clubs and ITTF Member Associations

Not only did the #TableTennisUnited Fund provide financial support. Table Tennis Australia, the Table Tennis Association of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and the Table Tennis Federation of Kosovo are just a few among those that have received equipment donations to ensure training opportunities for players through these challenging times.

We would like to thank the ITTF Foundation and DHS for providing our clubs with equipment during this difficult time. The assistance came just in time for Kosovo. Eight new female clubs established this year (2021) have benefited, and it has assisted Kosovo to further promote our beloved sport nationwide with special attention to growing female clubs. – Jeton Beqiri, President of the Table Tennis Federation of Kosovo.



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