DHS and ITTF Foundation: Harnessing table tennis as a catalyst for development

In a groundbreaking announcement at the recently concluded ITTF Mixed Team World Cup Chengdu 2023 in China, the ITTF Foundation and Double Happiness (DHS) proudly unveiled their cooperation agreement - 'Table Tennis for Development.' This strategic partnership, starting in 2023 and going into 2024, marks a significant leap forward as DHS pledges to donate a diverse range of table tennis equipment to the ITTF Foundation. Under the guidance of the Chinese Table Tennis Association (CTTA), this collaboration is poised to create a strong impact in changing lives through table tennis.

International reach: Table tennis being used for development

A cornerstone of this collaboration lies in harnessing the power of table tennis as a tool for development globally. The ITTF Foundation, renowned for its impactful projects, will take the lead in identifying beneficiaries for DHS's generous donation. The sporting equipment, including table tennis tables, balls, rackets, and clothing, becomes more than just gear— it will transform into tools that enable individuals to use the platform which the sport provides, and create meaningful impact in their local communities.
The selection of beneficiaries and the equipment list will be a product of collaboration between DHS and the ITTF Foundation. This strategic partnership not only underscores the shared vision of both organizations but also highlights their commitment to leveraging table tennis as a force for positive global change.

Impact project in China: Donating table tennis equipment in Puer, Yunnan province

Beyond the global impact, DHS's charitable initiatives extend to Puer, Yunnan province, with a special emphasis on utilizing table tennis as a catalyst for local development. This culturally rich region will be receiving a comprehensive donation of sporting equipment that encompasses table tennis and badminton essentials. DHS will also be providing equipment support for other sports such as football, basketball, and volleyball.

This donation in Puer amplifies DHS's commitment to using table tennis as a tool for grassroots sports development within China. By supporting a diverse array of sports, the initiative aims to create an inclusive sports ecosystem that nurtures talent and fosters an active lifestyle in the local community. The supervision of the Chinese Table Tennis Association ensures the seamless execution of this program, promoting a collaborative approach towards the enhancement of sports in the region.

As the collaborative efforts of DHS and the ITTF Foundation unfold, this partnership goes beyond mere equipment donation—it signifies the collective belief in using table tennis as a powerful tool for global progress. With a dual focus on both international and domestic sports development, DHS and the ITTF Foundation are pioneering a new era, where table tennis becomes a driving force for positive change, empowering individuals worldwide, changing lives and fostering inclusive growth on a global scale.

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