Covid-19: Social Media Campaign

In this difficult time, it is important to not only stay informed, but to stay strong, active and healthy at home 💪.

All around the world, the impacts of the spread of COVID-19 are palpable and growing steadily. Many events have been postponed or cancelled, the number of international travel restrictions is exploding, and governments are tightening policies e.g. regarding going out and physical distancing – in fact on a daily basis!

It is more than understandable to be afraid of getting affected and how the pandemic will develop and effect our everyday life in the future. But if you’re coping accordingly and follow the given recommendations there is no need to be that afraid, because you will significantly lower the chance to get or spread COVID-19!

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) the importance of #flattenthecurve is critical in order to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

Side by side with the ITTF (keeping a distance of two meters!) we will share tips and tricks about how keeping this curve low without going crazy staying at home!


Follow the hashtags #SafeTableTennis, #BLOCKcovid19 and #TT4Health together with #flattenthecurve on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and help us spreading solidarity through table tennis by blocking the virus!

For any queries related to COVID-19 and how it affects ITTF Foundation activities, please contact:

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