Celebrating winners of the Anita White Fund!

The International Working Group (IWG) on Women and Sport recently announced the new recipients of its Anita White Fund, consisting of two sets of awards: The Anita White Catalyst Grant and The Cath Sweet Award. These awards aim to support female leaders in sport around the world. The ITTF Foundation is delighted to extend its heartfelt congratulations to all the worthy winners! We specifically want to mention two of the award recipients, Houri Aghamiri and Nelly Nkatha Mutuma, for being honoured with the Cath Sweet Award. Both have been closely connected to our initiatives and are dedicated to using table tennis to promote social inclusion in their local regions. We, as a close partner with The Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA) in various initiatives over the years, also proudly acknowledge Game Mothibi, Senior Manager at TAFISA, on her winning of the Anita White Catalyst Grant for her remarkable leadership in advancing gender equality in sport.


Houri Aghamiri: Empowering Women and Girls in Iran

As the visionary founder of Spin Club, Houri has been a cornerstone of our Dream Building Fund 2021 project “Rising Stars” in Iran. She has dedicated herself to promoting gender equality among women and girls, including those with disabilities and refugee backgrounds, through table tennis. through table tennis. Her efforts have built confidence, self-esteem, and aspirations, as well as provided knowledge, skills, and capacities for these individuals. As a WTTD Promoter in 2021 and 2023, Houri has been instrumental in fostering the growth of table tennis in her region by providing equal opportunities for everyone to play. Her awarded project for the Anita White Fund promises to make significant strides in promoting social inclusion for children with disabilities through table tennis.


Nelly Nkatha Mutuma: Championing Inclusivity in Kenya

Nelly Nkatha Mutuma, our dedicated WTTD Promoter in 2021, 2022, and 2024, has been a powerful advocate for gender equality and inclusion in table tennis among youth in Nairobi, Kenya. Together with St. Teresa's Table Tennis Club, she has integrated empowering girls and women in 2021, promoted unity among young players from different clubs in 2022, and embraced Diversity and Inclusion in providing a safe club experience for everyone in 2024 into her organised WTTD celebrations. Nelly’s awarded project for the Anita White Fund leverages table tennis and educational workshops to target women and girls with disabilities. Reflecting on her journey to promote social inclusion through table tennis, she emphasises the importance of the support and guidance from the ITTF Foundation in the success of her initiatives, making her a beacon of positive change in her community.


Game Mothibi: Advancing Gender Equity in Sports

As a long-term close partner with TAFISA for many projects, including the ‘Girls Positive and Safe Coaching Pathway’ and ‘INTERACT+’ initiatives, we congratulate Game Mothibi for being one of the recipients of the Anita White Catalyst Grant for her exceptional leadership in empowering women in sports. As a Senior Manager at TAFISA, Game has been a prominent figure in promoting gender equity and inclusion. This year, Game participated in the round table discussion focusing on Diversity and Inclusion through table tennis during the WTTD Leipzig event. Her expertise and passion for fostering safe sports, human rights, and inclusive policies continue to inspire and drive positive change globally.


The recognition of Houri Aghamiri, Nelly Nkatha Mutuma, and Game Mothibi by the Anita White Fund is a testament to their unwavering dedication and impactful work in promoting gender equality and social inclusion through sports. We are deeply proud of their achievements and look forward to continuing our collaboration to create a more inclusive and equitable world through the power of sport. Congratulations, Houri, Nelly, and Game!


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