Celebrating ITTF Foundation Day at the Singapore Smash

On March 14th, the global table tennis community came together to mark ITTF Foundation Day at the Singapore Smash, an event that resonated with the shared values of inclusivity and community support. The celebration spread awareness about the 5th anniversary of the ITTF Foundation, showcasing our mission to harness the universal appeal of table tennis for positive social impact and community development.

As part of the festivities, World Table Tennis strengthened awareness in-venue as well as digitally to highlight the vital work of the ITTF Foundation. Additionally, a portion of all ticket sales from the Singapore Smash was pledged to support the foundation's initiatives, providing attendees with an opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause. A total of 17,388 Singapore Dollars (12.945 USD) was raised through this effort!

We want to thank the World Table Tennis team, players, officials, volunteers and most importantly the fans that came out in large numbers to show their support!

The Singapore Smash also featured the Para Showcase event on 14th March, where athletes with a disability demonstrated their remarkable skills and determination on the global stage. Para players Chalermpong Punpoo and Kubra Korkut emerged as the champions in the Men's and Women's Singles categories respectively, showcasing the spirit of perseverance and excellence.

The donations raised during the Singapore Smash will contribute to the World Table Tennis for Health Festival, a flagship program by the ITTF Foundation aimed at empowering individuals facing neurodegenerative diseases. Through initiatives like these, the foundation continues to demonstrate the positive impact of table tennis on health and well-being.

In essence, the celebration of ITTF Foundation Day at the Singapore Smash underscores the power of sports to unite communities and drive positive change.

An important beginning

The Foundation Day at Singapore Smash will prove to be a vital first step as the ITTF Foundation and World Table Tennis (WTT) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), solidifying their commitment to collaborate in the future.

This partnership aims to foster mutual support and collaboration, with WTT providing a platform for the ITTF Foundation to raise awareness about its impactful work. Leveraging the relationships established through sponsorships and commercial events, WTT pledges to fundraise, with proceeds directed towards furthering the ITTF Foundation's mission and spreading awareness about its initiatives.

On the other hand, the ITTF Foundation, notably through its 'Table Tennis for Health (TT4Health)' program, offers valuable support to WTT in creating a lasting legacy for its events. Additionally, the foundation's expertise enables impactful discussions with key stakeholders, including governments and corporates, regarding holistic approaches to sport sponsorships that benefit the community at large. This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to utilizing the power of table tennis to drive positive change and make a meaningful impact on society.

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