Building Capacity for "Sport for All" INTERACT+
Project successfully hosted first Train the Trainers Workshop

The INTERACT+ project, a groundbreaking initiative co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union aimed at transforming the Sport Movement's approach to sport delivery, has taken a significant step forward with a Train the Trainers Workshop hosted by the ITTF Foundation in partnership with the European Flying Disc Federation.

This workshop was divided into four modules and was held throughout the month of June. It focused on enhancing the understanding of "Sport for All" among trainers nominated by various international sport organisations.

The Train the Trainers Workshop held under the INTERACT+ project provided a vital platform for building the capacity of trainers representing a wide range of international sport organisations. The workshop aimed to equip these trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively deliver capacity-building workshops as part of the project's next phase, extending until 2025.

A total of 15 trainers participated across four modules, representing esteemed organisations such as the International Functional Fitness Federation, International Floorball Federation, Badminton World Federation, International Table Tennis Federation, Union Cycliste Internationale, World Dodgeball Federation, Savate Ireland, and International Sambo Federation.

The Train the Trainers Workshop comprised theoretical sessions on Sport For All, an assessment of international policies, projects, and best practices, and interactive group activities and discussions. Through these sessions, trainers gained a deeper understanding of the principles and objectives of "Sport for All" and explored ways to promote inclusivity, health, and social integration through sport. The workshop facilitated valuable networking opportunities among trainers, enabling the exchange of ideas and experiences across diverse sport disciplines.

TAFISA and its project partners express their gratitude to the trainers and international sport organisations for their active participation in the Train the Trainer Workshop. With their enhanced capabilities, these trainers are poised to make a substantial impact in the upcoming phases of the INTERACT+ project. By continuing to deliver capacity-building workshops, they will play a crucial role in cultivating an environment where "Sport for All" is prioritised, ensuring that a maximum number of people can benefit from the positive socio-economic advantages associated with regular participation in sports and physical activities.

The Train the Trainers Workshop hosted by the ITTF Foundation and the European Flying Disc Federation under the INTERACT+ project have marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of "Sport for All." As part of this groundbreaking initiative, trainers from esteemed international sport organisations gained valuable insights and knowledge to further promote inclusivity and physical activity. With the first successful Train the Trainers Capacity Building Workshop the stage is set for a transformative change that will benefit individuals and communities worldwide. By prioritising "Sport for All" and building capacity among trainers, the INTERACT+ project aims to create a better world where everyone can enjoy the socio-economic benefits of regular sports participation.


The INTERACT+ project is co-funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme, and is a bold endeavour that seeks to renew the model of sport delivery within the Sport Movement. With a particular emphasis on targeting International Sports Organisations (ISOs) and their members, such as National Federations (NFs) and sport clubs, the project aims to empower and encourage them to develop and promote "Sport for All" principles to reach all citizens, including those who are physically inactive or belong to underprivileged socio-demographic backgrounds. By positioning ISOs and NFs as agents of change, the project fosters collaboration among sport clubs, public authorities, NGOs, and stakeholders to increase participation in sport and physical activity, ultimately striving for a better world through "Sport for All."

The ITTF Foundation, the Social Responsibility Arm of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), is a key partner in the INTERACT+ project. Recognising the potential of sport to drive positive social change, the ITTF Foundation is committed to leveraging table tennis for development and peace. As member of TAFISA and benefiting from their affiliation with influential organisations like the IOC, GAISF, and ASOIF, the ITTF Foundation plays a crucial role in translating the theoretical foundations of the INTERACT project into practical applications, thus empowering the Sport Movement to develop and promote "Sport for All."

The European Flying Disc Federation (EFDF) represents, promotes and supports all flying disc sports throughout Europe, with disciplines like Ultimate on turf, Beach Ultimate, Indoor Ultimate, Wheelchair Ultimate, but also Disc Golf, Freestyle Flying Disc, Double Disc Court, and more field events. EFDF is the contact organisation for all international concerns in Europe with a special interest to include Flying Disc not only into multisport events in Europe but also into Sport 4 All activities within the more than 30 national member associations, with special regard to the unique “Spirit of the Game” in all flying disc sports.

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