Capture Your World Table Tennis Day Celebrations and Win Exciting Prizes

A Guide to Uploading Your Photos and Videos

World Table Tennis Day is an annual celebration that aims to promote the sport of table tennis around the world. The event takes place on 23 April, and organisers are encouraged to participate by organising events, rallies, and matches in their respective countries.

To capture the essence of the event and inspire others, organizers are invited to upload their celebration photos and videos to a shared Dropbox folder. The aim is to collect a variety of content from all around the world to showcase the different ways in which people celebrate World Table Tennis Day.

To make things even more exciting, among all uploaders, there will be a raffle for some fantastic prizes. One lucky winner will receive a T-shirt signed by Vladimir Samsonov, while another winner will receive a T-shirt signed by Miu Hirano. Additionally, five table tennis kits, containing a box of 2* balls and two rackets each, will also be given away.

To participate in the raffle, organisers must follow a few simple instructions when uploading their photos and videos. Firstly, they must register their event by clicking here.

Secondly, they must name each file in the following format: COUNTRY_CITY_NAME OF ORGANISER_NAME OF EVENT. This naming convention is essential to ensure that each event is correctly identified, and the content is not lost in a sea of unnamed files.

Thirdly, organisers are encouraged to upload raw footage of their events without any graphics or background music. This is important to maintain consistency and to ensure that the content is suitable for future use.

And last but not least, organisers shall upload before 23 May 2023.

By sharing their photos and videos, organisers will have the chance to showcase their event on a global platform, inspire others, and win some fantastic prizes. It's a win-win situation that offers many benefits, and we hope that all organisers will participate.

In conclusion, we urge all World Table Tennis Day organisers to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase their events and win some amazing prizes. Remember to follow the naming conventions and upload raw footage only to ensure that your content is not lost. We look forward to seeing all your photos and videos and wish you all the best of luck in the raffle. Let's celebrate World Table Tennis Day together and show the world how much we love this fantastic sport!

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