32 Promoters of World Table Tennis Day 2024 have been selected!

The ITTF Foundation proudly presents the list of 32 Promoters from 30 different countries and territories chosen to expand the celebratory vibes of World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) on April 23, 2024. These dedicated individuals, selected from 80 applicants across 5 continents, represent a diverse array of cultural, social and professional backgrounds, and gender identities. They will receive substantial support and guidance from the ITTF Foundation to carry out local initiatives that integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals and promote Diversity and inclusion through the celebration of WTTD 2024 worldwide.

Since its inception in 2021, the WTTD Promoters initiative has played a pivotal role in forming the whole annual event, fostering original and sustainable celebrations in collaboration with local organisations. These initiatives aim to address various community issues and bring along social values through the power of table tennis.

As a supporter, the ITTF Foundation is committed to providing the Promoters with guidance and resources to organise their WTTD initiatives on April 23, through not only financial support but also the Diversity and Inclusion handbook capacity-building workshops, and media exposure. With this collaboration, the 32 Promoters will embark on a journey to encourage participation and embrace this year's theme of Diversity and Inclusion in their respective communities, ready to amplify the positive impact of table tennis globally.


Meet all the 32 Promoters for World Table Tennis Day 2024 (22 males, 9 females and 1 not listed):

● Africa

Abeba Amare Ante (Ethiopia)

Adefolarin Amu (Eswatini)

Ben Hsen Ghazi (Tunisia)

Byolenganya Olo Bernoulli (Congo Demographic)

Fomum Victorine Agum (Cameroon)

Kevin Mafabi (Uganda)

Maximillian Chanda (Zambia)

Moliehi Agnes Matsepe (Lesotho)

Musabyemariya Alphonsine (Rwanda)

Nelly Nkatha Mutuma (Kenya)

Tapuwa Chitambo (Zimbabwe)

William Berekorang Asare (Ghana)

Zacharia Ochola (Kenya)

● Americas

Génesis Karina Gavilima Velasteguí (Ecuador)

Jesús Aristeo Chong Barreiro (Mexico)

Nicolas Cañeque (Argentina)

Renato Walkowiak (Chile)

Samantha Aleska Seijas Carrillo (Venezuela)

William de souza bernardes (Brazil)

Yasiris Ortiz (USA)

● Asia

Biken Thapa (Nepal)

Krishnarjun Cn (India)

Muhammad Huzaifa (Pakistan)

Marjolaine Deborde (Lebanon)

Rashida Behzad (Afghanistan)

● Europe

Ander Franca Indias (Spain)

Csaba Zedler (Romania)

Giulio Brogi (Germany)

Kastriot Orana (Kosovo)

TopSpin (UK)

Ronny Ramone (Germany)

Sirjan Bastola (UK)


As we gear up for the celebration on April 23, stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks. Join us in celebrating WTTD 2024 and consider organising and registering your event right now! (click here)


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